About Community Torah Community Torah is a site wholly dedicated to the promulgation, education, and protection of the Jewish Mitzvot (Commandments) of STA”M – Sefer Torah, Tefillin And Mezuzah. We also provide Jewish communities an online forum for specific campaigns to raise money for writing a Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) and other community STA”M-based projects. […]

The Mitzvah

The Mitzvah of Writing a Torah

The Mitzvah of Writing a Torah Scroll The Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life. In times of need, prayers are offered in its presence.It is perfectly intact just as we received it some 3,300 years ago. The Torah is the most illustrious and influential book in the world. Its words have inspired […]


This is a list of our current and ongoing fundraising projects: Torahs given by communities in the zechus (merit) of someone in need; Safrus programs; Mezuzah and Tefillin donation to the needy; and much more. They are all important and urgent causes.  Please consider generously supporting them.  Thank you. Shomrei Mitzvas Mezuzah Sashie’s Torah